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Hunter did not return. It wouldn't be easy to find an excuse to leave the station and travel to Polis, but I had given my word. I learned that the Caravan was heading to Riga the next day, and needed guards. I signed for the ride.

— Level description

Exhibition is a friendly level and takes place during Artyom's final moments in his home station


In this level, Artyom is readying for his caravan trip to Riga station but needs to collect his equipment and make his way through the station to the southern platform. After Riga, he will travel to Polis to inform a man named Miller about Hunter's mission against the Dark Ones. Before he leaves, he talks to several of the station's residents and his step-father, Alex. The level involves no fighting or hostilities whatsoever and provides some backstory to the plot of the game and the importance of Artyom's mission.


  • At the start of the level, Eugene can be heard singing Постой, паровоз.
  • The 'New York' postcard Hunter gives to Artyom is seen up on the wall.
  • Several of the Metro 2033 spin-off novels are seen in Artyom's room.
  • The station has a jail cell. When Artyom approaches, he is warned by a guard about the prisoner who seems to want to talk to Artyom.
  • A recruiter can be seen making a speech to the residents in the main hall area asking to help out Riga station for their newly formed alliance.
  • The weapon vendor sells several weapons too expensive to buy; this could be to show the player what weapons can be found in the game.
  • A man in a chair near the armoury tells Artyom he will return the book (a copy of Metro 2033) Artyom lent to him, later.
  • There is a man next to his wife that you can help by giving two MGRs and will award positive moral points
  • The armorer (not the actual vendor) has several expensive weapons not available until much further into the game hanging on the wall behind him, as well as several bandit masks and Nazi helmets on the firing range.
  • Artyom will have unlimited ammo while firing at the firing range, including MGRs.
  • This is one of the levels where several MGR can be found, being part of the Sherlock achievement.

Related AchievementsEdit

Ach-Metro dweller Metro Dweller 20 Game points
A true metro citizen. You know everyone and have seen everything.

Ach-Sher Sherlock 20 Game points
"Found all MGR ammo, hidden throughout stations."


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