The Exodus (Russian: Исход) are a faction featured in Towards the Light.


Cannibals from the Kronstadt Sea Refuge. They live on the island of Kotlin, finding other surviving people and devouring them. Then they came up with the idea of ​​stopping fellow travelers and keeping them in cages so they had prolific food. However, the pestilence that swept along Kronstadt killed half the cannibals and their victims.

The elders, having decided to create the false "Exodus" religion, decided to send adherents to the St. Petersburg Metro, and also lit the lights on the city lighthouse for greater attraction. At the stations, the Exodus sectarians claimed that a ship (also called "The Ark”) had entered the Gulf of Finland from Vladivostok to save the inhabitants of the metro, and landed at Kronstadt. They believed that this ship was the only chance for people to be saved, and they saw signs confirming their theory in everything.

In fact, the goal of the sect leaders is different - to lure people to Kronstadt, where they are killed and later eaten. The sectarians are armed with a tug with a mounted gun. In September 2033, the sect was discovered by Gleb and his stepfather Taran and subsequently ceased to exist due to a lack of food.

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