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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

Explosive bolts deal a lot of damage when they hit the target, at the cost of completely negating the crossbow's inherent advantage of stealthiness.

— In-game description

Explosive Bolts are a type of special ammunition found in Metro Exodus, that can be fired from the Helsing crossbow.


Explosive bolts are similar in shape to regular bolts, but their frontal section contains a small amount of explosive material and they have a different tip, which possibly acts as an impact detonator. They also have red highlights at each end, while regular bolts have green fluorescent markings at the rear end (explosive bolts don't have fluorescent markings because they can't be picked up after being fired, so they don't need to be easily visible). This type of ammunition is first encountered in the Taiga level, along with the Helsing. It can rarely be found in the world and, once found, can also be crafted at any workbench. One bolt costs 7 mechanical and 7 chemical materials to craft, while scrapping one bolt yields 2 of each said material.

As the name implies, explosive bolts explode when they hit something, either the desired target, or any hard surface. The explosion is weaker than that of a grenade and has only small splash radius, but still causes much greater damage than regular bolts. Explosive bolts are fairly effective at taking out the Bear at the end of Taiga, if the player has upgraded their Helsing with a bigger magazine and/or a pneumatic system to increase the weapon's flexibility and rate of fire.


  • This is the most expensive ammunition to craft in the game, as for 7 units of each material, you only get one bolt. Even the Incendiary ammunition for Tikhar is more cost-effective, as one capsule actually costs only 4 of each material. Hovever, explosive bolts are overall stronger than incendiary capsules.
  • A mere two explosive bolts to any part of the body will kill a Blind One, making sneaking around them unnecessary.