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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light video game.

Pavel's almost certainly going to hang. Who knows what would have happened to me, had he not released me? Red, blue, yellow - What difference does it make? He risked his life for me. you don't get that much in the Metro. I can't just walk away from him...

— Level description

Facility is the seventh level of Metro: Last Light.


In this level, Artyom must sneak or fight his way through a Reich farming facility in order to save Pavel from being hanged.

Diary Entries[]

7. You'll come to a large room with a number of troopers and some waterway tunnels at the bottom; the note is on the other side of the room, up the stairs and in a little room to the left on a table.

Moral Points[]


  • After Artyom exits the air vent, watch the scene where a Nazi bullies his fellow soldier and calls his mother a whore. Wait until the brutalized soldier leaves the room to receive the moral point.
  • Do not kill said brutalized soldier who is hiding in the meat locker.
  • After the bullying scene, listen to the conversation between two Nazis about a stashed custom weapon. Follow the Nazi heading back to the locker room and when he opens his locker, knock out/kill him and pick up the weapon. This will also earn the "A Present" achievement/trophy.
  • Picking up the gun earns another point.
  • Go up to the area above where there is an electric circuit that turns off the lights. Listen to the conversation between two Nazis close to this circuit.
  • In the next area, there's a room filled with bathtubs. In the area beyond this, there's an air vent on the far side to the right, next to the guy in a chair. Enter it to get a point and there will be a supply crate on the left.
  • In the room with water turbines, there's two Nazis discussing the hanging of Pavel. Listen to the whole conversation to get a point.
  • Reach the sewer without raising an alarm (doing this without killing anyone will also unlock the achievement Invisible Savior).


  • Kill the Nazi hiding in the meat locker.


  • The two Nazis trying to fix the electrical circuit will complain about how much easier it would have been if they had the mutant electrician. The man they are referring to is the one executed by being bashed to death with a shovel in "Pavel".
  • The modified Lolife hidden in one of the Nazi lockers may have been owned by the Rangers Rost or Scalp. The Nazi that owns it mentions he "got it off one of those pesky Polis Rangers we whacked last week". Rost and Scalp are said to have been killed just a week prior. The way most Rangers talk about their fallen comrades suggests that their men are not killed often, nor do they take killings lightly.


MLL InvisibleSavior Ach.jpg Invisible Savior Silver Trophy - 20 Game points.png
Complete the FACILITY level without killing or raising alarm

MLL APresent Ach.jpg A Present Bronze Trophy - 10 Game points.png
Take the Custom Pistol from the Locked Box.