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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

Forest Child is an achievement in Metro Exodus that can be obtained in The Taiga level.


Simply put, this achievement requires the player to beat the entire Taiga chapter without attacking or being spotted by anyone, Children of the Forest or bandits alike. This precludes the use of non-lethal knockouts as well, forcing the player to keep their distance. Keep an ear out for the background music. If it suddenly becomes bombastic and loud, the enemy has already spotted Artyom and the achievement is voided.

Attacking or being attacked by mutant creatures will not affect progress, however.

Note that if the player wishes to unlock the achievement Alyosha, they must not harm too many Children of the Forest members, so these achievements should be attempted in conjunction with each other.


  • The icon of this achievement shows a Pioneer blowing a trumpet with a typical flag. Pioneers were a youth communist organization in the former USSR which was in many ways similar to the Scout Movement, but it was more pro-regime focused. Similar organizations also existed in some other socialist states (such as Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia).