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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

Friend of the Crew is an achievement in Metro Exodus that can be obtained in The Volga level.


In order to receive this achievement, two items have to be collected in The Volga. Firstly, there is a guitar on top of the power tower that the bandits converted into a base. The tower can be found near Aurora, just follow the main railway track that goes through the entire location. The second item is a teddy bear that was taken from Nastya by a Demon. The teddy bear is located on one of the big storage tanks found in the southern part of the marshalling yard - you will visit this location during the story mission which requires finding Krest's railcar and using it to pull a passenger carriage to the Aurora. The guitar can be given to Stepan and the teddy bear can be returned to Nastya, but this is not required for getting the achievement. However, it gives the player a positive moral point.


  • There is also a nest with a sleeping Demon on top of the storage tank where the teddy bear is located. Killing the Demon with a Molotov while he's still in his nest is the easiest way of obtaining another achievement - Firebird.

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Metro Exodus - Friend of the Crew Achievement Trophy - Find the guitar and teddy bear on VOLGA

Video turorial showing how to get this achievement