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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 video game.

Fugitive is an achievement in Metro 2033.


This achievement is awarded for successfully evading all Red Line guards in the Armory without being caught once - a feat most easily summed up as "complete the level on the first try". After Artyom escapes the room with the other fugitive, the player must follow their line of travel as fast as they can, as not only will many guns will be aimed at Artyom but pursuing soldiers will cause instant death if they get within close range. If you are seeing blood on the screen, its the warning sign that the guards are close. 

After the other fugitive is killed, quickly turn to the left and sprint up the stairs to follow the walkway around, the game will then switch over to a cutscene and Artyom will be rescued by Andrew. If Artyom is killed or captured once, the achievement will not be earned in that play-session, as another will be required.