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The subject of this article appears in the Universe of Metro 2033 book series.

Just imagine, Mr. Grabov. They, naked and blind, crawling along their minks, are engaged in some kind of their insignificant problems and do not even suspect that very important people are sitting at this very table who are solving the fate of the survivors can be said to rule the world. After all, ecumenicalism has now narrowed to the size of the Moscow Metro. Can you imagine the picture? There is something... something... something demonic. Do you agree with me, Mr. Grabov?

— General manager

The General Manager is a character who appears in the Lap Race novel. He is the true leader of the Hanseatic League.


A representative of the ruling elite of Hanza. He fulfills a managerial role from a private security bunker connected to the Polyanka metro station. In the 2020s, during the Red-Hanseatic War, as one of the leaders of the Southern Arc, the General Manager organized an expedition to the city of Izvarino for weapons or medicines, using part of the soldiers as cannon fodder to deter the attack of savages and humanimals.


  • Like Loginov, the General Manager is associated with the Invisible Watchers or may be one of them.
  • His description is similar to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose image was an inspiration for the description of the General Manager's appearance.
    • Groundhog ("Surok"), the General Manager's secretary, in turn, was deducted from Vladislav Surkov, the real assistant of the President.