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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

Guide is an achievement in Metro Exodus that can be obtained in The Dead City level.


After exiting the underground area of the Dead City, Artyom will arrive to abandoned buildings which used to house the Akademgorodok Institute. Within these buildings, there will be giant, ape-like mutants called The Blind Ones that will attack the player if they make too much noise. These can be snuck past simply enough as they, as per their names, cannot see. The player must not harm any of them in any way while playing this section of the level. There are around five or six throughout the level and mostly can be avoided with ease, however the final two are located within the same small room that the player must find their way out of by activating an electrical panel.

On easier difficulties, it is possible to simply sprint through the level and just tank through any damage dealt by these mutants. The player can be spotted as much as you want, they just can't hurt or kill any of the Blind Ones.

The first encountered Blind One will drag Artyom off a ladder via a cinematic. The player must either run past this when they gain control or try to sneak away. Attempting to fight it will prevent the player from getting this achievement.