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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

The Half-torn Notebook is a diary entry that can be collected in Metro Exodus.


Moscow: Found in the metro tunnel right after you kill the first watchmen. After the watchman ambushes you, go a few meters down the tunnel. The note should be on the desk to your right.


Aug, 11

We've arrived... So far so good, just a couple of rats. The guys are unloading the trolley.

Aug, 12

Not enough people to cover the old roadblocks. Kolya went to get some more volunteers, but for now we'll just over the platform and the airlock. It looks like Mikhailych isn't going finish the repairs anytime soon - the mechanism is rusted solid...

Aug, 13

Shot a couple of Watchmen, the beasts got inside unnoticed under the steps, cunning fuckers... The airlock drive is dead, Mikhailych says he can't promise anything. We're running short on filters, time to improvise. I guess, we'll just weld the gate shut with a sheet of steel and think later...

Aug, 14

There's a stampede of Watchmen up there... They haven't attacked yet, but still... Kolya brought the welding apparatus, but we can't even start the work - as soon as we make a slightest noise, they start howling up there. For now, we decided on setting up some traps.