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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

Hanza Off-road Car is a vehicle used by the Hanza detachment that patrols the streets of Moscow. It appears in the first level of Metro Exodus.


The vehicle resembles standard off-road light utility vehicles that are used by modern armies in the real modern-day world, although this particular car was modified for post-apocalyptic conditions. It has a four-wheel drive, a forward-mounted engine, two seats in the front, and a compartment in the rear that can be used to carry light cargo or hold several people. The compartment is separated from the frontal section with a wire mesh.

The off-road car appears in the level Moscow, right after Artyom and Anna spot a freight train on the surface. An unknown person tells them to get in, which they do, as Anna assumes the car must belong to the Spartan Rangers and its crew also wants to pursue the train. However, the two are knocked unconscious by a soldier with his face hidden by a gas mask before being locked in the rear compartment of the car.

When they wake up, they find out that the car belongs to Hanza and that there are two other people in the compartment with them - an old lady and a young man. After talking with them, Anna realizes that they are not from Moscow and she demands Hanza soldiers to explain the situation, with little success. The soldiers then stop and pull the two outsiders out of the car. When Artyom and Anna realize that they are about to be executed, they unsuccessfully try to stop the soldiers, which results in Artyom being shot and thrown into the pit with the bodies of the outsiders. The car then leaves and is never seen again.


  • The car might be a heavily modified UAZ-469, as its hood, wheels, and frontal section (lights and grilles) look fairly similar to the ones found on that vehicle. However, it might be based on a different vehicle or just completely built from scratch using various scrap parts.
    • By the original colour scheme of the vehicle (although hard to recognize due to its condition) and the warning light mounted on the car roof, it's possible that prior to the war this was a patrol car used by the Russian Police.
  • OSKOM uses a very similar car, the only notable differences being the colour scheme and the absence of metal sheets on most windows. It can be seen in the last part of The Two Colonels DLC.