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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 video game. The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 Redux video game.

Hedge-hopper is an achievement/trophy in Metro 2033 and Metro 2033 Redux that can be obtained in the level "Frontline".


This achievement is awarded to the player for killing all the Communists and Nazis in the level "Frontline". For the achievement/trophy to be earned, everyone on both sides must be dead; however, they do not have to die by the actions of the player.

Note: The achievement automatically completes when you kill the last enemy. Watch the popup in the bottom right corner for the achievement, don't go through the second door near the end before you see the popup.

Notes on Targets[]

  • There are two Communist soldiers in the back of the tunnel the player starts in.
  • The Communist traitor must be executed, the player doesn't have to do it themselves however, if wait long enough he will be killed.
  • The injured Communist soldiers must be killed, be warned they often make noise when killed. The guard can be killed with a throwing knife, and then the injured soldiers won't alert anyone. If you kill them with grenade, no moral points will be lost.
  • Note that there are some Nazi soldiers under the main bridge (on their side) which may or may not move to the main bridge during the fighting. The player can access this sub-floor via a flight of stairs. These are the same ones that would be encountered if the player enters by the pipe entrance.
  • The Nazis on the rail car also need to be killed, a grenade or two will make this task easier.
  • The Communist prisoners must be killed, note that this will result in a negative Moral Point. The Nazi soldier will shoot the middle prisoner and then walk away, killing him and the other 2 prisoners are required.
  • Freeing the prisoners will make them invulnerable and thus you will lose the achievement.


  • In the traditional sense, a hedge-hopper is someone who flies an aeroplane very close to the ground, avoiding objects as they appear. The relationship between this achievement and actual hedgehopping in this sense is not very clear, though "hedgehopping" could also refer to the fact that the player is not siding with either side, Nazis or Communist, and thus hopping the proverbial "hedge".
  • Using a grenade to kill the Red prisoners and the Nazi soldier before he shoots will give a negative and later a positive moral point.
  • This is best earned if the player is not seeking the enlightened ending, as killing everyone in the level will not garner positive moral points.
    • Despite the players gaining negative Moral Points doing this challenge, they can use this opportunity to complete other weapon-related achievements.