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Hole Station
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Hole Station is a location in the post apocalyptic Moscow Metro, and appears in the video game Metro 2033.



The survivors of the Hole Station

Hole station is a large independent station housing many families, soldiers, and scouts. In the game the station is in the location of Paveletskaya Station, but unlike the Paveletskaya in the novel, this station does not have an open Hermetic Door leading directly to the surface. The station is very different to other stations of the metro; instead of having one main passage with several off-shoots to the platforms, it has several different rooms, and vertical stairs leading to passages that are blocked off.

During the events of the video game Metro 2033, Hole station is the victim to an attack, during which Artyom helps the defenders. When walking through the station, many bodies of the station's various victims can be found. One such victim could possibly be a ranger, due to the rangers' signature helmet on a table very near where he took his last stand. The station is one of the largest Artyom has encountered on his travels, as it is featured in two different levels. Defense and Child.

Metro Last LightEdit

The definitive fate of the citizens of Hole Station remains unknown, though according to Miller's map in Metro Last Light the station was eventually taken by the forces of the Reich. It is presumed that the mutant threat would have thus been eliminated.

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  • In real life this station is called Paveletskaya.
  • The situation at the station is similar to how VDNKh was at the end of the novel.