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The Hole Station Massacre is an event depicted in the Metro 2033 videogame in which Hole Station underwent intense mutant attack, and its defenses failed.


The home place of 'The Children of the Underground', Hole Station fell under the attack of a relentless horde of nosalises and lurkers that emerged from the dark side of the metro, some time before the events of Metro 2033. On their last legs, the group of its defenders recruited Artyom as he appeared coming from the tunnel of the nosalises. He is given a short brief from Captain Maxim, shortly before the winged nosalises attack them. Due to nosalis attacks outnumbering the defenders own capabilities, Captain Maxim, who is injured, instructs Artyom to send a radio broadcast to a beacon, which grants a Moral Point if he accepts it. As Artyom enters Hole station, which is already devastated by nosalises and followed by lurkers infesting the station, he finds the last surviving child, Sasha, near his uncle's corpse, who died from nosalis bite wounds. As Artyom begins venturing within the destroyed Hole Station, with aid from Sasha, he navigates through the lurker packs and successfully returns to a group of survivors, one of them being Sasha's mother.

It is unknown how many citizens were killed from the attack, but the number is firmly in double digits - if not reaching into triple digits. What remains of the survivors remains a mystery, as they take shelter in the higher part of the station tunnels as Artyom heads to the surface. Though from a map in Metro Last Light, it can be observed that the Nazis from the outpost above were able to descend and secure the station for themselves. Yet perhaps even the Nazis were unable to hold the station, as when passed by in Sniper Mission, the entire station front is submerged from melted snow in the nuclear spring.

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