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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

I’m not bothered when I am not understood, I’m bothered when I don’t understand…

— Idiot

Sergei (Russian: Сергей), better known under his nickname Idiot (Russian: Идиот), is a character who first appears in Metro Exodus. Contrary to his nickname, he is one of the smartest men among the Aurora's crew and its resident philosopher.


Having selected his own nickname, contrary to its meaning Idiot is in fact one of the most intelligent aboard Artyom's armored train. Idiot is relatively quiet, and when he does speak, he speaks somewhat cryptically, fitting for his philosophic nature.

During a conversation with Sam while leaving Moscow on the Aurora, Sam wonders why they cannot just bring everyone out of the Metro, now that they know it is safe, to which Idiot is quick to point out that those people would need a place to settle, and food, suggesting he realizes things others do not at first glance.

Idiot can often be seen philosophizing about mankind's struggles and the futility of life. Unlike many of the Rangers, he is always in favor of considering all aspects of a situation prior to taking any radical course of action.