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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game. The subject of this article appears in the Sam's Story DLC for Metro Exodus.

5.45x39mm incendiary ammo made by Vladivostok craftsmen and valued for its superior efficiency against mutants, it's prone to fouling the gas systems of regular assault rifles, so it is only used in specifically modified ones.

— In-game description

Incendiary 5.45x39mm is a special type of ammunition that is featured in Sam's Story, a DLC for Metro Exodus. It can only be fired from the Sammy, a rifle that was crafted specially for this ammo type.


Created after World War III by gunsmiths employed by Tom in Vladivostok, incendiary 5.45x39mm was designed for use by the Sammy, an assault rifle created by the same gunsmiths. It is a highly potent round capable of killing most mutants and humans in a couple of shots, but the "hotter" load meant that it was capable of fouling the gas systems of older Kalashes.

Because of this, the Sammy's magazines and parts were designed to not be interchangeable with other rifles, so Tom's men didn't ruin rifles by trying to run the incendiary rounds through them. In spite of this, these rounds are an invaluable resource for surviving in Vladivostok, and help Sam make it through the ruined city.


  • Incendiary 5.45x39mm functions identically to the Military Grade Rounds found in the Moscow Metro during Metro: Last Light and Metro Redux. In these games, MGRs were able to be used in all standard rifles, from the Bastard to the Kalash 2012, with no repercussions or restrictions other than availability.
  • Despite the Sammy supposedly using proprietary magazines specifically designed to load these rounds, a standard Kalash mag would be able to fit them with no problems, as they are of the same dimensions as standard 5.45x39mm cartridges.