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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light video game.

Introduction is the first level in Metro: Last Light, serving solely as a cutscene with Artyom as the narrator.


"When asked how it all started, I always tell that it began that day when we went to the Botanical Gardens. We - meaning yours truly and two of my friends. Whose idea was it to visit the abandoned station? Who persuaded the others to go? I always tell them that I don’t remember. I always lie. It is a safe lie, for there’s no way to ascertain the truth. Both Vitali and Eugine are dead now.

The massive airlock doors shrugged and opened with a grinding sound, opening a road to hell for us and a road into the Metro for the demons. But, in fact, it all started that day when Mother said we should take a walk in the Botanical Gardens… and go there by the Metro! I remember how we took a short escalator to the surface, how we exited a spacious glass pavilion and saw a street buried in green. I remember the small clouds moving across the limitless sky, and soft, cool wind on my face. Mother bought me an ice cream… That was the last time I tasted it. That day, humanity was executed.

The righteous and the sinful were called to be rendered according to their deeds. And we hid from God’s sight in the Metro. And we were saved from His wrath. And He apparently decided that flushing us out wasn’t worth the trouble. Then He went about his business or, perhaps, died. While we stayed on this used up and discarded Earth and continued just going with it… Going nowhere.

I remember so many random, unnecessary things… Yet I don’t remember the most important one: my Mother’s face. She died very soon after the war started… How I wish I could recall her face! The way she looked at me. The way she whispered that I have nothing to fear. I’d sell my soul just to recall that. I’d do that any day, any time. And I did."