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The subject of this article appears in the Universe of Metro 2033 book series.

Father John Daniels, is the protagonist of the novels The Roots of Heaven, The Children's Crusade, and The Conclave of Darkness.


Little is known about John's pre-war life. It is known that at the age of twenty-three he moved from Boston to Rome. At that time, he was a student at the Seminary of St. John, and arrived in Rome on a study trip that was supposed to last a year. But six months later, war broke out, and John was ordained underground, two years after the Great Tribulation.

The Roots of Heaven[]

At the beginning of the novel, John meets with Cardinal Ferdinando Albani, who has a proposal for John. During the conversation, Albani talks about the current situation in the Church and how two months ago a reconnaissance detachment combing the outskirts of Ancona rescued a merchant. The merchant claimed that Venice survived to the north of Ravenna, in which its Patriarch survived. And John, as the last inquisitor of the Church, is chosen to march to Venice and rescue the patriarch.

After the conversation, Albani and Father John go to the detachment of Swiss Guards, which will accompany the inquisitor on the way to Venice. John meets with Mark Durand, Marco Rossi, Karl Bune, Paul Wenzel, Guido Greppi, Yegor Bitka, and Marcel Diop. The detachment does not react in the best way to Daniels' lack of experience with firearms.

Throughout the journey, he experiences various doubts. His distrust is heightened after he sees some of the Swiss Guards practicing Mithraism.

Ultimately, he realizes that the Swiss Guards are pursuing only one goal: to destroy Venice and the Patriarch with a nuclear warhead donated to them by the residents of EUR Fermi. After Durand's death, Daniels gets the bomb back and takes it to Rome. The Patriarch endows him with unusual abilities.

The Children's Crusade[]

In the Ravenna area, Daniels meets another mutant, the Monk, who also endows him with unusual abilities and tells him to go to Milan to destroy the evil there, before he goes back to Rome, where it is even more powerful. Daniels destroys the Milanese followers of Gottschalk , who call themselves the Sons of Wrath, overcoming many dangers, and then travels back to Rome via Florence.


  • Prior to the action of the novel The Roots of Heaven, he only used weapons in games on the computer and PlayStation.
  • The first American protagonist in the Universe of Metro 2033.
  • While attending St John's Seminary, John received a slap in the face from a priest for drawing a woman with wings.
  • He knows a total of eight languages.
  • In The Children's Crusade, there is a reference to Fallout 3, which John played before the war.