The Kalininskaya Confederation is a faction that controls six stations in the Moscow Metro. It is featured in the Universe of Metro 2033 novel Marble Paradise.


The Confederation controls six terminal stations of the Kalininskaya line: Il'yich Square (the capital), Aviamotornaya, Schosse Entuziastov, Peroo, Novogireyevo and Novokosino. Previously, the confederation also owned the Kozhukhovskaya station. The faction is located in a fairly calm part of the Metro, which is only rarely endangered by mutants or bandits. The only danger present takes the form of occasional anomalies.

It is a peaceful and economically thriving community. However, rumors that are intended to damage its reputation are spread by the anarcho-communists from the Huliaipole Republic. Kalininskaya Confederation edits and publishes its own newspaper, the Kalinin Bulletin.

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