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The subject of this article appears in the Universe of Metro 2033 book series.

The Kalininskaya Confederation is a faction that controls six stations in the Moscow Metro. It's featured in the Universe of Metro 2033 novel Marmoreal Paradise.


The Confederation controls six terminal stations of the Kalininskaya line: Il'yich Square (the capital), Aviamotornaya, Schosse Entuziastov, Peroo, Novogireyevo, and Novokosino. Previously, the confederation also owned the Kozhukhovskaya station. The faction is located in a fairly calm part of the Metro, which is only rarely endangered by mutants or bandits. The only danger present takes the form of occasional anomalies.

It is a peaceful and economically thriving community. However, rumors that are intended to damage its reputation are spread by the anarcho-communists from the Huliaipole Republic. The Kalininskaya Confederation edits and publishes its own newspaper, the Kalinin Bulletin.