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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

Katya (Russian: Катя) is a character in Metro Exodus.


Katya is a trained nurse hailing from the southern Urals. She and her daughter were part of a group who moved west in search of a better life. Upon their arrival at the Volga, they found the region was controlled by a religious cult, the Church of the Water Tsar.

Katya's group, about fifteen members strong, made their journey by rail. After crossing the Volga river, however, their train was taken by the Church members. Ordered to "purify" it, they dismantled the locomotive and threw the pieces into the Volga. All the other members were killed indirectly by the Church, which sent them on suicide missions against mutants. Katya's husband, Senya, died trying to exorcise an "electric demon," as punishment for using technology. It appears, however, that Silantius, the cult's leader, wanted to get rid of him in order to forcibly marry Katya. When only she and her daughter remained, Katya was forced to serve the cult and Silantius. In the cult, Katya was unable to heal the ill cultists, as Silantius did not allow it, leaving some to die from illness.

Metro Exodus[]

Katya and her daughter never tried to escape, as they had nowhere to go, until the arrival of the Aurora crew, in 2035. After their rescue by Artyom and Anna Miller, she and Stepan become close to each other, and before reaching the Valley, he proposed to her and Miller married them aboard the Aurora, where she assumed the work of Doctor.

When Anna fell ill, Katya took care of her, but was unable to help her. She suggested the use of a miraculous medicine, Renergan-F, developed at a reseach institute in Novosibirsk. When Artyom returned from Novosibirsk heavily irradiated, Katya suggested giving him blood transfusions in order to save him, the only possible solution.

After the Aurora reached the Baikal lake, Katya, her daughter and Stepan were seen there, implying all settled there.


Katya was trained by her mother who was also a Doctor. At first, she seems quiet and unsure of herself, but is in fact quite assertive and will go out of her way to help where she can.