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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light video game.

In some other time and place, what happened could be life changing. But there is no time but present and no place but the Metro for us. And we must do everything we can to save it. I have to hurry and catch up with the Dark One, Anna has to tell her father of what Korbut and Moskvin are doing. Anything else is a luxury we can't afford right now.

— Level description

Khan is the twenty-second level in Metro: Last Light.

Diary Entries[]

29. Directly after passing the three giant fans where Khan explains the Metro is a living, breathing thing; In the next room, Khan will jump into a small trench on the left to move to a door on the other side. Continue forward through a small hallway that wraps around to the other side of the room. On the ground to the right is a skeleton. Activating the skeleton makes the note available.

Moral Points[]


  • Answer the phone in the sewers.
  • Reach the River of Fate.


  • After the area where the phone rings, you'll continue through a drainage pipe with Khan. He'll say to go left. Instead, head straight and you will see two skeletons, which come to life and stare at you for a short while.
  • Directly after you wake up from the dream sequence, Khan will say "Back to the desert of the real". This a direct reference to The Matrix film series, in which Morpheus welcomes Neo back to the real world.
  • If you enter the door in the room with all the cobwebs, you can activate a skeleton which has its head rested on its hand. This animation is unique in that it shows the skeleton attempting to get comfortable after the player disturbs it.
  • In this level, Khan is notable of using his lighter after the Darkness occupied the tunnel.


  • In Redux, after emerging from the river and bypassing a set of tin can alarms, you will find a safe key under a corpse's hand. The corresponding safe is next to the dead end of the nearby tracks.


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Ignore the Phone Call in the Anomaly