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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 novel.

Kievskaya (Russian: Киевская) is a station that is south-west of Polis. It is one of the few whose role and status has significantly changed in the translation of Metro 2033 from novel to game.

Game Overview[]

According to a legend told by the Rangers, there was an explosion in the tunnels leading to Kievskaya which buried some people alive. Some were said to have survived, but "no longer resemble humans". The Rangers was also told that there was a mysterious entity, which was some kind of fog. The mention of a collapsed tunnel and frightening beings on the other side could well be a reference to the Great Worm Children from the novel, who menaced the people of Kievskaya through a small hole in the cave-in. After Miller tells the story, Vladimir expresses doubt as to its veracity, and Ulman responds that Vladimir lost his family in the explosion but has no memory of what happened after. The station is not specifically seen during the game, but could possibly be somewhere between Sparta and the D6 outskirts. This would make sense given that the Rangers pass through to get to D6, but D6 is still quite far away, and they would still have to go through Park Pobedy.

In The Novel[]

In the novel Kievskaya is a sparsely populated station. Melnik and Artyom arrive there after meeting up after the Library. The residents of the station are very scared of an unknown entity. Their tents are very close: "The distance between them [Tents] required by the fire safety was not observed anywhere; clearly these people were scared of something more frightening than fire."

One notable member is an old Metro station chief, Arkadiy Semyonovich, who Melnik speaks to in great detail about other station residents, Tretyak and Anton - Anton being the father of Oleg, the young boy who goes missing. The station is very worried about the rising amount of children going missing.