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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 video game.

Maksim Komarov (Russian: Максим Комаров) was the commander of a paramilitary organization called the Children of the Underground, and is featured in the level "Defense".


Komarov and his men are encountered outside Hole Station, while defending it against multiple waves of mutants. He quickly enlists Artyom to help out in the defense of his station.

Eventually, this battle is lost and the station is overrun. Being the last survivor of the Children of the Underground, Komarov asks Artyom to take a tape with a message for Polis up to the surface and broadcast it before he dies. The message to Polis is as follows: collapse the tunnels of Hole Station because they have become overrun with mutants, and no one is left alive.


  • His name is revealed in the tape he gives to Artyom.
  • It's impossible to save his life, no matter how many nosalises you kill.
  • While you don't see Maxim die, it's presumed that he died shortly after Artyom leaves him.
  • The type of helmet he wears is a Russian special forces helmet, and it's also implied to be the helmet for the Hansa Spetsnaz and the rangers in the novel.
  • His final request is optional, but both taking the tape and playing it in the level "Outpost" grants Artyom with positive Moral Points.
  • Shooting or hitting him in the head will cause his helmet to fall off.