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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game. The subject of this article appears in the Sam's Story DLC for Metro Exodus.

Zhora Yakovlevich Korzhov (Russian: Жора Коржов), better known as Korzh (Russian: Корж), is an antagonist in Metro Exodus' Sam's Story DLC. He is the leader of a Trapper gang in Vladivostok.


Korzh was attending the Regional Marksmanship Championship when the bombs fell and the city was struck by a tsunami, but survived due to the championship facility being uphill. At some point, Korzh became a bandit. Korzh and his gang were originally one of many bandit groups in Vladivostok, but gave up raiding in fear of repercussions from Tom's group. They've since become fishermen, specializing in catching shrimp and extracting oil from them. They are still extremely territorial, however, and open fire on any trespassers.

Sam's Story[]

Korzh opens fire on Sam and the Captain with his sniper rifle while they're sailing to the Captain's other base, forcing Sam to disembark and find a way to eliminate the sniper. After fighting through his gang, Sam corners Korzh and subdues him after a brief struggle. Sam then has the option to either knock him out or kill him with a grenade. Even if Sam chooses the less violent option and knocks Korzh out by slamming his head against a door frame, Korzh apparently still dies from his injuries.


  • Whether Sam knocks Korzh out or kills him, Korzh dies regardless of the player's choice, as his gang can later attack Sam in retribution for Korzh's death even if Sam only knocked him out. It's possible that this is a glitch, however.
  • Korzh's full name can be discovered in a note in a primary school, which reveals that he competed in the Regional Marksmanship Championship when he was a child.
    • Despite the fact that this would make Korzh only a few (2-10) years older than Artyom, he appears to be considerably more aged in person.