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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

Leader's Letter is a diary entry that can be colledted in Metro Exodus.


The Caspian: Climb the ladder onto the deck above. Go inside the cabin and climb upstairs. The diary will be on the table to your right, next to the radio.


With this letter I, Arsen Mustafin, declare to you, a lowlife calling himself the Baron, that I am the leader of my people, not a lousy traitor appointed by you! On behalf of all the people of the Free Canyon I tell you now that we will no longer be afraid of you, and we will not submit to your thugs, either!

We had enough! We won't tolerate being corralled like cattle, having our young men and women enslaved! We will not have any of it anymore! We will take up weapons and chase your dogs away, and kill you all! Now you will be afraid of us, because we stand for freedom! We will all die for freedom, if need be!

And we don't need your holy flame either, at all! Get out of our home, for we never invaded yours!

Arsen Mustafin