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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game. The subject of this article appears in The Two Colonels DLC for Metro Exodus.

Letter is a diary entry that can be collected in Metro Exodus' The Two Colonels DLC.


The Two Colonels: After searching Petrovich's home, you will be able to collect the letter from the market stand sitting right across from his place.


Boris, if you get any losers bringing you OSKOM receipts instead of green stuff, tell them all to get bent! Yes, those are official receipts, stamped and signed, and they promise to pay it all back, but do you believe them even for a second? They're just robbing suckers blind! My joint is full of losers at the moment, each had a box or two of expropriated tops... At first I thought I'd take the slips at half value and make a nice buck, but then Baldie arrives with a slip for whole two ampules! So, now either they pay in real green stuff, or go fuck themselves. As for those slips, they only seem to be good for wiping ass...