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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

Letter to Son is a diary entry that can be collected in Metro Exodus.


The Caspian: Once you get to the lighthouse and zipline into the cave, follow the path until you reach a natural (rock) bridge over a ravine. Before you cross it, look in the corner to your left. There should be a letter next to a corpse.


Son, you were asking about that Giul broad, what I know about where she is and where comes from... I've no idea why are you interested, but I do have a lot to say... In the very beginning, the locals tried starting shit with us, a commotion, like. That lead them nowhere, as the Baron knew that whoever has more guns owns the joint even back then, so he got most guns. And later, as the strongest, got all the other gang leaders to submit to him, so nobody would even think of going against his will. They didn't resist, as they'd need to bunch together to stand any chance, and they were too busy fighting between themselves to even try that.

The locals that had no wheels just stayed low in their holes, hoping he'd just up and leave all by himself one day, but he didn't. Instead, he started making things right here. Then they went outside, but it was too little, too late - we smashed them like they were nothing.

They took to guerrilla shit, gave us trouble for years... Like, some boys go out on a patrol, and as soon as their cars turn around a hill, you hear shots. And when you get there, the cars are burning and the boys dead. How, who, where from? Touch luck finding out...

A lot of them would hide in the mountains... The ones that remained in the Baron's lands would tell tales and sing songs of the "free ones", bring them food... That's when I first heard of that bitch Giul. She was still a little squirt back then, but was completely ruthless already, stone cold murderer. She'd leave nobody alive. Of course, the slaves were all her fans. Like, "Oh, she's a girl, but she cuts the enemy up like nobody's business", so they started telling tales of her, too.

Well, the Baron's nobody's fool, he knew how to deal with those bastards! We started taking hostages, executing ten slaves for one of our boys. Say, this village is helping the rebels? Put it to the torch! A local knows anything about the rebels - he's not gonna die until he tells us everything. You catch the drift.

Pretty soon, the slaves started avoiding them like the plague. Someone sees a slave talking to some suspicious guy? The slave's whole family gets the knife. A slave tells his master he saw someone suspicious? Good job, pal, enjoy triple rations that moment forward, and the Baron's thanks! The slaves started selling those fucks to us in droves. We stepped our game up, too, and within a few years they were not much more than a memory.

That broad Giul could well be the last. Once the Baron catches her, he'll throw the world's biggest party for the boys, you take my word. Just don't yo ever think of saying she's a witch and uses her spells to keep hiding from us. The Baron does not take lightly to such remarks, I saw him use his walking stick to beat some sense into the dumbass he caught spreading that shit, saying: "it's you, incompetent sons of bitches, who are too dumb to catch her, so you start re-telling the slave slave tales!". Beat the bastard to death, and I say he got his just desserts! That's about all I know. We tried to find out where she was born and who were her parents, but no dice there...

Mom sends some home treats for you, share them with the boys as customary.

Give the Baron my warmest respects and gratitude, also give a handshake to all the boys who still remember me.