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Upon entering the Great Library, I was in awe. It seemed like a fairy tale castle, and as in the old stories, it's treasures were guarded by monsters.

— Level description

The level Library is an action based level, taking place within the Moscow State Library. After fighting through the alley behind the library, Artyom meets Miller and Danila outside the library's front doors. Inside the library is the information needed to get to D6.


As an escort mission, there is very little that the player has to do on their own. The level starts when Artyom and Miller enter the library and Danila secures the entrance. Once they reach the main hall, a demon attacks Danila. Making their way through the main hall, Danila and Miller block the main hall door while the demon tries to smash it down. After finding the other door conspicuously closed and making his way around the hall, Artyom manages to climb into an adjacent room and unlock the door for the Rangers. After another, less lethal, encounter with the demon and another temporary separation with his teammates, Artyom and the Rangers make their way to the main hall. Distracted by a fleeing Librarian, and unable to fend off the demon again, Danilla is injured and Artyom is forced to advance into the ruins library alone.


  • While sifting through some of the books in the library, Danila mentions "Roadside Picnic, hmm... something familiar...". Roadside Picnic was the book the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. video games were loosely based on.
  • The interor of the library is slightly different in Metro 2033 then in Last Light; 2033 Redux has reused the Last Light layout, but the Redux version is Cobweb covered, hinting spiderbug activity.
  • Almost all frozen corpses found in this level are Fourth Reich soldiers; the small "C" insignia can be seen on their arms.
    • It is odd that Polis would allow any one other than their own Kshatriya to get that close to the Library, seeing as how Polis are the main suppliers of books in the Metro; they would not want any 'competition' from rival factions.
    • Alternatively, it is possible that some of those Reich Stalkers did venture too close to the Library and were shot by Polis sentries.
    • However, in Metro 2033 Redux, all the dead Reich Stalker models are replaced by generic Hanza/Red Line ones.
  • After demons attack in the Main Reading Hall, Miller mentions that the dawn is coming, although it is clearly daytime outside. Metro 2033 Beta version screenshots show that Alley and library levels took time either at dawn or dusk.

Related AchievementsEdit

Ach-Quick-Witted Quick-Witted 30 Game points
Break the support and activate the chandelier in less than 20 seconds.


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