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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light video game.

Valeri Petrovich Loginov (Russian: Валерий Петрович Логинов) is the president of Hanza, and former head of Komsomolskaya station.


During the first war between Hansa and the Red Line, Komsomolskaya-Radial fell under control of Hansa, while Komsomolskaya-Kol'tsevaya stayed within the Red Line's domain. Political refugees from all the stations of the Red Line started flocking to the radial station, and Loginov did grant political asylum to all of them.

Komsomolskaya-Radial was under siege, though, since the Reds held the Kol'tsevaya station firmly. When the Reds started their new push, they managed to cut off all the paths to retreat from the Komsomolskaya-Radial where the Hansa forces and the refugees were.

The Reds had made an offer of exchanging the radial station for Kol'tsevaya – but Loginov was supposed to hand all the refugees over. He could either save all his troops or fight to the bitter end. Reinforcements from Hansa were due in at least three days, and the term of the ultimatum was to run out in mere 24 hours. In these final days of the war Loginov decided to avoid more fighting and gave the refugees out. It was his personal decision, nobody else knew anything of the deal.

The Hansa troops abandoned the station and the Reds shot all the refugees at entry right before Valeri's eyes. He was commended for a courageous political decision he took. The fact that he paid for safe passage of his troops with lives of hundreds of people who were first given hope and then betrayed, never became known in Hansa. Loginov, living under constant pressure of guilt, made a vow to himself to never bow out of anything again, and is still haunted by the ghosts of the people killed because of him.

Loginov was present at the Polis Peace Conference, alongside the Führer, Secretary Moskvin, and the Rangers. However, he doesn't say anything when Artyom is present, except possibly insulting Moskvin as he leaves in disgrace. The relative friendliness of Hansa to the Rangers, and their less violent (than the Reich or Red Line) plan to capture D6 through economic sanctions means he plays a very little part in Metro: Last Light.