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The Lolife (Russian: Подонок) is a high caliber, semi-automatic (full auto with the appropriate attachment) pistol found only in Metro: Last Light. It is highly customisable, capable of performing well in a number of situations.


The Lolife is a metro-made semi-automatic handgun with a standard eight-round magazine chambered in .44 Magnum. As such, the Lolife trades the power of the .44 Magnum rounds normally used for the Revolver, for higher capacity and rate of fire. This generally makes what would be considered a more generous weapon in a combat- allowing the missing of several shots to go by with little repremand. It should be noted though that the Lolife's higher rate of fire results in a quicker ammo loss in prolonged firefights, and thus, it is a more expensive weapon to buy ammo for than the revolver. The magazine is mounted in front of the trigger group and it is capable of semi- or fully automatic fire with the appropriate modifications.

The Lolife is commonly found with a couple of attachments when dropped by enemies, with the stock being the most common. Due to its all-around good stats, and ability to be widely customized, it is popular among many Metro-dwellers such as guards and criminals. It can also be found on many corpses in the game world.


Metro Last Light Weapons (Lolife Padonak sidearm)-0

Metro Last Light Weapons (Lolife Padonak sidearm)-0

Lolife variants in Metro: Last Light

As the Lolife is a metro-made weapon, it has very little known history. It appears that Lolife has been produced since at least 2023, though not seen in the first installment of the Metro series, indicating revolver's popularity in the last game. The markings on the frame say "VANO & PROF LTD. PISTOL SELF-LOADING ПАДОНОК. 2023".

What could be ascertained would mostly be speculation as to the weapon that the Lolife was based on. The weapon shares several similarities to a few real-life firearms. Above all perhaps, the Lolife design seems to have been heavily inspired by the 1897 Bergmann no5 pistol which is very similar in appearance and also has the capability to mount a detachable stock.


  • Silencer (-25% range, +25% accuracy, +50% stealth)
  • Extended Barrel (+50% range)
  • Stock and Foregrip (+50% accuracy)
  • Extended Magazine (+150% capacity)
  • Autofire Adapter (+50% fire rate)
  • Reflex Sight (+25% range, +25% accuracy)
  • 2x Optical Sight (+50% range, +25% accuracy)
  • Infrared Sight (+25% range, +25% accuracy)
  • Laser Sight (+25% accuracy)

The extended magazine upgrade is not available in stores until the player reaches the Ranger base in the level Undercity. However It can be first encountered on many enemies in the level bandits. Similarly the autofire adapter cannot be purchased until the player reaches the merchant at the end of Contagion. Again though it is possible to acquire it for free several levels earlier on the Sundown mission. If the player heads to the area where the watchtower overlooks a small compound (straight ahead at start of the mission), there is a row of small garages, one with a car blocking the door. If you look carefully however, by crouching you can enter the building where a Lolife with extended barrel, stock, extended magazine, autofire adapter and laser sight is propped up against the far wall. This also counts as one of the ranger stashes towards the Equipped achievement/trophy. The autofire adapter is available in DLC mission stores and the Lolife in Sniper Team level already has it equipped, essentially making it a miniature submachine gun.

The Lolife's main competition is the Revolver and Ashot. Its primary advantage is its ease of use, versatile in many situations, firepower and the wide range of attachments. However, this weapon will cost a lot of MGRs if you want to customize it, also you will need to scavenge for .44 Magnum rounds more often because its easy to chew through ammo quickly. The Lolife itself is rarer and more expensive than the Revolver and Ashot. If automatic weapons are a preference, this is the weapon of choice as the sidearm. If you want to save some MGR, stick to the revolver. If you are really lacking in MGRs and cannot afford a decent shotgun, go with the Ashot.

Related Achievements/TrophiesEdit

MLL Gunslinger Ach Gunslinger Bronze Trophy - 15 Game points
Kill at least one Enemy with each Weapon available in the game.

MLL APresent Ach A Present Bronze Trophy - 10 Game points
Take the Custom Pistol from the Locked Box.


  • The Lolife is called the Padonak in the Russian dub, which literally means "Low-Life". It is also inscribed in Cyrillic markings on the receiver (ПАДОНОК). The term can be interpreted as a shiftless or immoral person ("Scumbag") or members of a despised under-class ("Chav", "Ned", or "White Trash").
  • The Lolife could get its name from the fact that the weapon is commonly used by bandits and other criminals (a.k.a low-lifes). Despite this, the Lolife is not common in game and is more expensive than the Revolver and Ashot, making it hard to obtain for someone with little to no MGR.
  • The Lolife is based on some real life handguns, most notably the Mauser 06/08, Bergmann No. 5 and Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer, but it is also influenced by Kedr PP-91 (same upper frame and charging handle as the Kedr).
  • The "Vano & Prof" markings on the receiver are a reference to one of the game developers, "Prof" Prokhorov
  • It can be seen on Miller's side in Driving to Sparta. (Redux only). 
  • Both Anna and the Red Line Sniper have fully customized Lolifes, indicating they are often used as secondary sub-machine guns for snipers, being compact but powerful enough to use at close range in an emergency.
  • Though Lolife is first seen on the hands of a Nazi officer, it's not common among the Nazis.
  • The maximum ammunition cap does not divide evenly with the magazine size of the Lolife. The regular magazine size of 8 doesn't divide evenly with the cap of 90, resulting in 11 mags of 8 and 2 spare rounds (11x8+2). The modified magazine of 20 does not either, resulting in 4 mags of 20 and a half-mag of 10 (4x20+10). Since the ammo cap is first designed for the revolver, which has 6 rounds that dividable with 90, this minor error is justified.


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