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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game. The subject of this article appears in the Sam's Story DLC for Metro Exodus.

Lord of War is an achievement/trophy in Sam's Story, a DLC for Metro Exodus.


This achievement is obtained by finding all upgrades for the Sammy assault rifle and Stallion pistol. Even though both weapons have five upgrade slots, only their unique mods are considered for the purpose of this achievement. Generic accessories that can be found on random weapon drops like certain sights and lasers are not, although they may be found on the same guns as the required mod items.

The Stallion and Sammy have nine unique mods each, but only six have to be collected per weapon to unlock this achievement, as both guns come with three pre-installed by default. The categories one should keep an eye out for are Barrel, Stock, and Magazine, with two obtainable items per category for each weapon.


This achievement is deceptively simple to unlock, as most of these mods can be found as "kits" on a single weapon, although occasionally they can be found elsewhere, but still attached to a gun. This guide will cover the most "complete" kits that can be found.


  • Burst Fire System & Standard Magazine: After being given a motorboat by Tom, the player will have to go through a large two-story building infested by a large group of Humanimals. Head up the stairs and go left twice to get up to the second floor balcony. From there, look down to see some wooden planks, and follow them to a staircase that leads up to some resources and the rifle containing these mods. This is the same building where the Night Vision goggles are found.
  • Semi-automatic System & Sniper Stock: Found on Korzh's rifle along with a scope.
  • Heavy Stock & High Capacity Magazine: After the Batwing boss fight in the scrapyard, backtrack out into the swamp and enter the nearby three-story building that is a safehouse for some of Tom's scouts. They will point out a police station on a nearby islet that has been turned into a bandit camp. When facing the entrance of the police station, the gun containing these mods can be found on a small dock to the right side.


  • Short barrel w/ Suppressor & Balanced Grip: In The Captain's backup base, on the third floor, there’s a locked red door near the balcony walkway. Go around the side and kick down the wardrobe that's blocking the doorway to find this pistol and a helmet suit upgrade. The pistol is under the pillow, on the bed.
  • High Capacity Magazine: From the location of the Sammy's Heavy Stock & High Capacity Magazine, take the boat and cross the lake to the small buildings just nearby. The mod will be on a pistol in the backroom of the outermost building, guarded by a few Humanimals.
  • Long barrel w/ Full-auto & Heavy Grip: Found in the construction site bandit base. In the center of the southern section of the map, there will be a storage room with three levers on the wall. Pull the levers in the order of right - left - center to unlock a nearby vault room containing the pistol with these mods.


  • The name of the achievement is likely a reference to the 2005 film Lord of War, which focused on an international arms dealer smuggling Soviet surplus weapons to war zones world wide.