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Market Station was just a little further, but Bourbon warned me that our path went through the "lost catacombs"...

— Level description

The Lost Catacombs is a short level in which Artyom and Bourbon escape the nosalises trailing after them from the bridge.


The place that they escape to is a graveyard with bodies and the things that await them there may be worse than nosalises. After a strange supernatural door attempts to kill them, a dark one reaches through the door and saves them. The journey remaining to Market station is a short one but still overshadowed by the lurking nosalises. Bourbon eventually leads Artyom to the door of Market Station. As the trailing nosalises finally reach the duo Hansa's armored railed car begins to mobilize. As the last nosalises are fended off, the guards turn their weapons towards Bourbon and Artyom as it becomes apparent that Bourbon has racked up debt with them in the past. Artyom and Bourbon are eventually guided by the light and safety of Hansa, albeit at gunpoint.


  • Strangely, Bourbon does not need to wear his mask when in the graveyard, while you need to.
  • If you shoot the Hansa armoured rail car, The gunner will respond by returning fire and killing Bourbon, If this happens you will fail the level.
  • The players should loot the bodies for supplies at the beginning of the level as quick as they can. They will not able to return after the supernatural occurrence.


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