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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 video game.

As I entered the abandoned tunnels with Bourbon, I wondered if I'd been wrong to trust him. But the station gates were still sealed, and there was no telling when I'll have another chance to leave Riga.

— Level description

Lost Tunnel is a short/medium length action level that starts after Artyom meets Bourbon and leaves Riga with him. This is the first level featuring lurkers (not including the one in "Chase") as well as human enemies - the bandits.


The level begins with Artyom and Bourbon moving down a derelict tunnel. As a guide, Bourbon will tell Artyom about the "singing pipes" and nearby lurkers. Should the player wish to take a side-trip they can break off from Bourbon into the side tunnel and find two lurkers with some minor loot, such as a Tihar. Eventually, the tunnel leads to a cave-in and several dead caravaners. As Bourbon recognizes, this is the work of nearby bandits, and the only way past is through the camp. The two begin sneaking into the bandits' outpost and Bourbon teaches Artyom about traps, after which Bourbon kills a drunk bandit with a throwing knife, which Artyom can retrieve. Artyom alone must then kill (or knock out) all of the bandits to continue.

A very valuable Volt Driver can be found here, should the player have the Ranger Pack DLC. The weapon is extremely valuable and is highly lethal, although there will be scarce ammo for it until the next exchange kiosk. In Metro 2033 Redux the Volt Driver is no longer located here.


  • The distinctive howl of watchers can be faintly heard at the beginning of the level, possibly further hinting at their connection with lurkers.
  • There are no ghosts on this map. However, at the tunnel, Artyom can hear an inhuman scream when Bourbon finds the corpse covered with bats. Later, he hears the ghostly chants of the pipes, along with several mysterious noises.
  • Near the campfire, one bandit will walk off slowly and then stop. He then begins to sing a Russian (actually a criminal) song in a comedic fashion, most notably the "lalalalala" line.
Listen to that "quote":


  • Sometimes, Bourbon freezes after or before pass the ruined train on the tunnel and won't speak to the player, leaving the game unable to progress. You must load the last saved point to continue.
  • The first lurker on the tunnel sometimes freezes instead running away and stands quietly on the rails. See here.