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Prospekt Mira or Market Station is a location in the novel Metro 2033 and the video game of the same name; it is one of the bigger and more populated stations Artyom visits.


The station is fairly large and includes a large open bar area, a large (non interactable) Market area, and in the room before the gate to the Hanza tunnels there is a Rail Bike fixing area as well as ammunition and Weapon Vendors. In one of the entrances there is a train car, retrofitted to be living quarters.

Bourbon seems to have some bad reputation with some of the guards, as they treat him as a criminal or someone shunned from the station. Similar to Riga Station, a man looking like Alex can be seen in the office; again this would be impossible. Once entering the main hall of the station, you can hear a radio operator trying to reach other stations or outside signals.

Notable ResidentsEdit


  • At the back of the station two men can be heard talking about the mystery surrounding the Kremlin, and why it is dangerous to look at it. This is referencing a major part of the novel, and directly quoting a conversation had in the novel.
  • A child can be heard arguing with his mother over a pet rat.
  • This is one of the levels where MGR can be found for the Sherlock achievement.
  • The market is one of the only stations in 2033 where you can buy filters, the other is Riga .
  • There's a shooting range in the weapons vendor area. The drill consists of 6 challenges and is considered the hardest shooting range of the game. It's recommended to use your revolver once its has a decent amount of ammunition in the "cartridge" and a fast reload, don't worry about your ammo once it's infinte in all dificulties during the range.

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