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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 video game. The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light video game. The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

The standard army-issue medkit containing painkillers and countermeasures for weapons of mass destruction.

— Metro Exodus in-game description

Medkits are first aid kits used throughout the metro. These consumables can be found almost everywhere, and are purchasable in all settlements.


A cure for everything.

— Vendor

Medkits are a package of syringes that permanently heal a considerable portion of Artyom's health, as well as increase his senses, speed, and heartbeat for a short period of time after each use. While such physical boosts make medkits an effective tool for mid-combat pauses, players are not advised to use them in pre-combat or post-combat situations, as the speed and vision boost given to Artyom by them is momentary at best - and Artyom will slowly heal damage on his own after time. As Artyom can only hold a total of five syringes, using them wisely and only when truly needed is recommended.

Medkits appear to be based on "Soviet civil defense" drug kits, and the instruction found on the lid further indicates that this is the military variant of the medkit: "Use in accordance with the orders of your commanding officer". Unlike most other pre-nuclear disaster equipment, medkits are rather common in the metro. The fact that the Metro-2 tunnels were likely built during the Cold War may explain the abundance of medkits. This could mean the medkits may have been kept in the Metro during construction, and explain why a decades-old piece of equipment is still abundant in the Metro.


The Medkit can be found almost anywhere:

  • Purchased from traders in all settlements.
  • Found as individual packages throughout the metro underground and the surface.
  • Found on corpses.


  • The syringes most likely contain trimeperidine, a USSR developed opioid analgesic. However, it has not been in use for at least two decades. [1][2]
  • When used, the character gets the case out, then pulls a syringe out, pops off the cap that is on the needle, stick the needle in his left arm, injects the medicine (by squeezing the container that holds it), and then pulls it out and throws it away.
  • When obtaining medkits, your character will take the entire case. Though, when used, you only use syringes and don't throw away the cases. This is most likely because the syringes are looted from the cases, not the cases themselves.
  • The appearance of the syringes could possibly resemble syrettes used in the military which contained morphine. The method of application is similar in that both are administered by squeezing the end to inject the liquid.



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