Metro 2033 is a FPS/Horror game by THQ and 4A Games based on the novel of the same name. The primary release had 6 known retail editions sold around the world.

Standard EditionEdit

The standard version of the game is sold for RRP:£40/$50 on Xbox 360 and PC.

It comes with:

  1. Disc
  2. Box
  3. Manual

PC EditionEdit

Almost exactly the same as the Standard but with a PC exclusive download.

It comes with:

  1. Disc
  2. Box
  3. Manual
  4. Red Faction: Guerilla (free from Steam/a THQ released game)

Limited EditionEdit

The limited edition is an Xbox 360 exclusive that features some extra content in-game and out-of-game.

It comes with:

  1. Disc
  2. Premium cardboard slipcase
  3. Manual
  4. Heavy Automatic Shotgun
  5. 4 Exclusive Artcards

By CountryEdit

German EditionEdit

This German Only (for Reasons Unknown) is probably the rarest and best package out of the lot. It's only Available for PC at the moment.

It comes with:

  1. Real working Artyom's watch replica
  2. Teddy bear and Hunter's Dog-Tags key ring
  3. Large Box
  4. Manual
  5. 3D Lenticular Slipcase featuring the dark ones
  6. Journal, Notebook or large game guide (Unknown specifics)
  1. Reversible cover (without age ratings and logos)

Russian EditionEdit

Russian edition drastically differs from the rest and features some exclusive items.

It comes with:

  1. Large stylized сardboard box with gasmask logo.
  2. Metro 2033 styled "Officer's wristwatch".
  3. Map of the post-apocalypse Moscow subway.
  4. A DVD with additional materials related to the game.
  5. User manual.

Polish EditionEdit

The Polish edition is the most expensive and contains some more practical exclusives

It comes with:

  1. Real working Gas-mask
  2. Bag/back-pack
  3. Book
  4. Game
  5. Manual


  • Many other places gave away free Xbox Avatar masks for the game. The two were the dark ones mask which was free from THQ if the game was registered, at the Metro 2033 (game) official website, and the second was a gas-mask.