Metro 2033 Redux is the updated version of Metro 2033 for next generation consoles, featuring improved graphics, weapons, characters and content.


  • Utilises gameplay elements from Metro Last Light, such as adding the option to wipe your mask clean as well as combat changes - like stealth takedowns and weapon customization
  • Simplification of the enemy armour system
  • All-new lighting engine
  • Lower end PCs perform better
  • Cinematics have been redone and are now presented in first-person perspective
  • Features day and night cycles on the surface levels
  • More detail to levels and greater visual fidelity
  • Some levels have been expanded, such as the Dead City section, which is now a single level
  • Certain levels have new locations and items
  • Improved frame rate on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
  • All character models have been changed to their Last Light versions
  • In the English dub, Artyom's dialogue is re-done by his voice actor from Last Light
  • In the English dub, Sasha and the other male children all have a new voice actor
  • All loading screens are changed to the Last Light format
  • Diary entries, such as to the ones in Last Light, can be found on each level
  • Some weapons from Last Light and its DLCs have been added
  • There are fewer drug references
  • Spartan and Survival mode
  • New achievement/trophy list


Last Light - From a hardcore nuclear winter to an accessible nuclear spring (ft

Last Light - From a hardcore nuclear winter to an accessible nuclear spring (ft. Komo)-1

Wiki admins Karmazynowy Wilk (Bamul) and Komodo Saurian (Komo) discuss some of the gameplay changes between the original Metro 2033 and Last Light, as well as the Redux versions.

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