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Metro 2034 (Russian: Метро 2034) is the original sequel to the Metro 2033 novel. Although it is set in Moscow, just one year after the events of the first book, it is not a direct sequel as it follows the adventures of mostly different characters. Widely popular, it has sold some 300 000 copies in just 6 months, making it Russia's biggest local bestseller in 2009.

The book has also been published online for free on Metro 2034 Official Web Site, where over a million visitors have read the text. Glukhovsky has turned the book into an art-project, inviting famous Russian electronic performer Dolphin to write an original soundtrack for the novel, while artist Anton Gretchko worked on the oil-painted images gallery.


It's the year 2034. From the events that started and ended in VDNKh station, not even a year has passed. The Dark Ones once considered as a deadly threat are gone for good, killed by Artyom and his allies.

On the other side of the Metro, the inhabitants of Sevastopolskaya Station are fighting for survival against new threats that constantly invade them. The fate of the station depends on weapon supplies, which suddenly cut short, along with missing caravans and communication.

To solve the mystery and to bring back the stability of supplies, a small group is sent: young Ahmed, old unfulfilled chronicler Homer and Hunter - once lost among the Dark Ones, now found but with a rather uncertain identity... Their small group is extended with Sasha, the daughter of a banished station-master.

Who really is Hunter? Does he return the affection that Sasha feels for him? What secrets are hidden in the darkness of the Metro tunnels? And do the unlikely heroes manage to save the remaining humans who survived the catastrophe?


Metro 2034 has already been translated to a number of European languages, such as: Finnish, German, Dutch, French, Bulgarian, Serbian, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Greek, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish, Estonian and Lithuanian. Paweł Podmiotko worked on the Polish translation, while Márton Bazsó translated the novel to Hungarian. Metro 2034 has also been translated into English. The book has even been published in some Asian languages, namely Korean and Persian.


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