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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 video game.

Mikhalych (Russian: Михалыч) is a resident of Market Station, member of Hansa Guards, and is briefly seen in the level "Lost Catacombs".


Mikhalych is briefly seen in the level "Lost Catacombs", in which he is guarding the main gate to Market Station. When Bourbon and Artyom arrive, Mikhalych calls to Semyon, another guard, to start up the cart. Moments later, a cart rolls out with a heavy machine gun and begins firing at the Nosalises attacking Bourbon and Artyom. After the Nosalises have been dealt with, Mikhalych tells Bourbon to wait for his return before he and Semyon ride out into the tunnels.


  • "Михалыч" is a highly personal way to address someone, because it's a form of the patronym Michailovich (son of Michail), normally used among highly familiar people in a very unofficial circle.
  • It's unknown exactly what Bourbon did to Mikhalych, but it must have been serious because Bourbon said "We stepped in shit now!" when he saw him.