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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game. The subject of this article appears in the Sam's Story DLC for Metro Exodus.

The Mine (not to be confused with Claymore Mines from Metro: Last Light) is an explosive device that is featured in Sam's Story, a DLC for Metro Exodus.


Mines were placed in abundant numbers in various areas of Vladivostok by the members of Tom's gang and other local factions, mainly to protect their outposts against mutants. Mines can be triggered by any creature that comes close to them, by thrown objects or by shooting them.

The player can encounter these mines in various parts of Vladivostok. Mines are displayed as red dots on the Universal Detector, and the detector also produces sequential beeping sounds to alert the player of their presence. Triggering the mine by walking close (approximately several feet) to it will result in the player dying instantly, even on lower difficulties. When the mine is activated, a "charging" sound can be heard (which possibly indicates that the electric fuse has been engaged) and the mine explodes 1-2 seconds after that, which is usually not long enough for the player to escape the blast radius. Therefore, being extremely careful around minefields is important, as activating a mine is almost a certain death for the player.

To get rid of a mine, the player can shoot it or throw an object (such as a decoy) at it. If the player is crouching, the mine won't be activated unless directly stepped on. This allows the player to disarm the mine by walking right to it while crouching and pressing the action key. Several pieces (apparently 2-4) of crafting resources will be added to the player's inventory after sucessfully defusing a mine.

There is no way for the player to obtain and place their own mines in Sam's Story, they act purely as a hazard the player has to avoid (although they can also be used to one's advantage by luring mutants into a minefield).


  • If two mines are close to each other, activating one mine can result in the second mine exploding as well.
  • Deactivated mines no longer explode when shot, even though the explosive remains in place and only the fuse is removed.