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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

Mirsky (Russian: Мирский) is a minor antagonist in the video game Metro Exodus. He is the commander of the Radio Jamming Station on the outskirts of Moscow as well as the Deputy Head of the Hanza special Department.

Metro Exodus[]

During the opening of Metro Exodus, Artyom and Anna are captured by a Hanza patrol after witnessing the supply train pass through a restricted zone. The patrol radio ahead to the station commander to inform them of the situation and their catch. After Artyom is shot and falls into the mass grave, he infiltrates the station and with the help of Yermak, manages to enter the command center. He overhears Anna arguing with the Major over Artyoms apparent death, and who her father is. The Major rebuts her pleas and reveals that Miller is aware of the whole situation. 

After Artyom breaks in, he subdues the commendant and his subordinate in the other room. However when Artyom and Anna embrace, he hits her over the head with a chair and wrestles for control of Artyoms Kalash, inadvertently shooting the command console. 

After the jammer is knocked offline, he reveals to the pair that the war is still ongoing, and Hanza block the signals so that Moscow can 'play dead' to the rest of the world and avoid anymore retaliatory strikes. He then reaches for a button and sounds the alarm, at which point he is knocked out by Anna. 

Metro 2035[]

In Metro 2035, Artyom comes across a similar jamming station, albeit without the supply and train depot. The character most resembling Mirsky is killed during Artyoms assault on the station, however he is never identified and does not offer any explanation to the stations purpose. 

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