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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

This primitive incendiary device, little more than a bottle filled with gasoline, is still a dangerous weapon if employed skillfully.

— In-game description

Molotov Cocktail, or simply a Molotov, is a throwable incendiary weapon that appears in Metro Exodus.


Molotovs function very similarly to Incendiary grenades from Metro: Last Light, with the main differences between these two weapons are cosmetic. Molotovs shatter on impact, igniting the flammable liquid inside and creating a fireball, setting anything or anyone it hits on fire. The area it hit also remains burning for a short period of time, creating an obstacle that human enemies will usually avoid, but mutants will just mindlessly go through, setting themselves on fire as a result. This means, that same as the aforementioned incendiary grenade, Molotovs are especially effective against large hordes of mutants in confined areas.

Molotovs are only rarely found in the game world, although they are still a bit more common than Frag Grenades. They can be crafted at a workbench; one Molotov requires 10 Materials and 40 Chemicals to produce. The player can carry up to 5 Molotovs by default and 10 with the Throwables upgrade for their carrier vest.


  • Molotovs are the most expensive item that can be crafted, as one Molotov costs 50 crafting resources in total, which is more than a Frag Grenade, which only costs 45 resources. Furthermore, most of these resources are Chemicals, which are somewhat rarer than Materials.
  • In real life, the Molotov Cocktail is a weapon with a long history, frequently used by various paramilitary organizations, partisans, or terrorists. It was used by Finnish troops during the Winter War, where it received its name - as the Finns nicknamed it "A cocktail for Molotov". (Molotov was the Soviet Minister of Foreign Affairs who the Finnish people held directly responsible for the war. The cocktail part came from his claims that cluster bombs dropped on Finnish cities were actually food supplies.)
  • Sometimes, Molotovs are referred to as "petrol bombs", "gasoline bombs", or "bottle bombs", due to their composition and functionality.
  • If thrown into water, the Molotov will harmlessly float on the surface, allowing you to pick it back up for re-use, provided you can reach it.