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The subject of this article appears in the Universe of Metro 2033 book series.

Moskovsko-Petrogradskaya Line (Russian: Московско-Петроградская линия) is Line 2 of the St. Petersburg Metro.


The Moskovsko-Petrogradskaya Line is 30.1 km long (making it the longest line in the Metro) and has 18 stations. It is the second oldest line, as well as the most populated, with all but three stations inhabited.


  • Faction Logo Mutants.png Parnas - Northern terminal surface station infested with mutants
  • Blinds logo.png Prospekt Prosveschenya - Station controlled by the Cult of Blindmen
  • Oserki logo.png Ozerki - Station controlled by a faction of the same name, inhabited mainly by Uzbeks
  • Oserki logo.png Udelnaya - Station controlled by Ozerki
  • Angels logo.png Pionerskaya - Inhabited by Angles, who were castrated as boys by Saddam the Great
  • Station Smallicon Inhabited.png Chyornaya Rechka - Transfer station mainly inhabited by Roma people, circus of the Metro
  • Dendrophiles logo.png Petrogradskaya - Station controlled by Dandrophiles
  • New venice logo.png Gorkovskaya - Flooded station whose inhabitants have adapted their infrastructure to live there, also known as New Venice
  • Prymorsky logo.png Nevsky Prospekt - Transfer station controlled by the Seaside Alliance
  • Market stations logo.png Sennaya Ploschad - Transfer station controlled by the Market Stations
  • Engineers logo.png Tekhnologichesky Institut - Transfer station controlled by the Engineers
  • Station Smallicon Inhabited.png Frunzenskaya - Inhabited station
  • Station Smallicon Inhabited.png Moskovskiye Vorota - Inhabited station
  • Electric power logo.png Elektrosila - Power plant station that supplies the whole metro with electricity
  • Station Smallicon Inhabited.png Park Pobedy - Inhabited station
  • Station Smallicon Inhabited.png Moskovskaya - Inhabited station
  • Faction Logo Red Line.png Zvyozdnaya - Communist station
  • Station Smallicon Abandoned.png Kupchino - Abandoned southern terminal surface station