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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

Munai-Bailer Water Truck is a vehicle that appears in the Caspian level of Metro Exodus.


The cabin of the truck is based on MAZ-5335, a Soviet truck that was produced from 1977 to 1990. The cabin looks as if it had been damaged and crudely repaired with various scrap metal pieces. The trailer takes form of a massive water tank, with a set of hoses and a hand-operated pump used to get water from or to the tank. The vehicle has four axles in total: The frontal axle has chained wheels for better grip, the second axle's wheels sport wide tires from an off-road vehicle and the rear two axles have wheels with double tires, common for trucks and trailers.

The truck was originally owned by Munai-bailer, but it was hijacked by Artyom and Damir during one of the story missions, because the Aurora's crew suffers from severe dehydration and the locomotive needs water to continue its journey. Miller orders the two Rangers to infiltrate the Oasis, a base of the gangsters where they get fresh water from an underground deposit using slave labour. After fighting or sneaking their way (depending on the player's choice) to the base, the duo steals the truck and drives it back to the Aurora. After repelling the Munai-bailer counterattack, the Rangers use the pump on top of the trailer to refill the locomotive's water supply.