The Munai-bailer (Kazakh: Мұнаі-баілер, roughly translated to Oil-drillers) are a faction in Metro Exodus who are hostile to Artyom and his companions. The are led by a man known as "The Baron"


The Munai-bailer are a group of around 700 raiders mostly made up of ex-soldiers, mobsters, and Svarog Oil workers who have managed to secure vast oil reserves in the Caspian region. Thanks to this, they are one of the few post-apocalyptic factions to not only have access to working vehicles, but maintain a large number of them. They have used these resources to enslave the local population and fend off any other raider groups who made incursions into the region. The Munai-bailer are also noticeably better armed than most bandit groups, sporting advanced weapons like the Bulldog and the Shambler, and even employing armored soldiers with Gatling guns. Recently, they have started styling themselves as "fire gods", presumably to keep their slave population in line.

It is unknown whether the Munai-bailer still intact after the Baron's demise and the destruction of their main base by Giul. If Artyom murdered Saul, it is possible that the Munai-Bailer will eventually collapse or vise versa. Given that the bulk of the Munai-bailer forces were away on a raid when the Aurora crew arrived, however, it is probable that the raiders will continue to plague the Caspian for years to come.


  • Aesthetically, the Munai-bailer and their surroundings share many similarities with the Australian action media franchise Mad Max, which features plenty of desert landscapes and studded, leather-clad, biker-style warriors who fight other groups for fuel.
  • The Munai-bailer seem especially interested in capturing women. When Saul and another raider intercept the Aurora in their van, they immediately take note of Anna as "a woman" on board, before driving away to inform the Baron. Additionally, they seem more interested in capturing Giul than outright killing her, despite the fact that she has killed a dozen of their members already. Indeed, Miller mentions that the Baron takes women as payment, and the Baron himself later requests Giul in exchange for fuel.
  • The group is referred to as "Svarog Oil" in Artyom's journal. Svarog is indeed a real world gas and oil company, with one of their projects being on the edge of the Caspian.
    • They are also referred to as "Fire Worshipers" on the official Metro Exodus page.
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