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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

Nasтya (Russian: Настя) is a character in Metro Exodus.


Nastya is Katya's daughter. The two originally hail from the Southern Urals, but moved to the Volga a few years ago in search of a better life. Unfortunately, they quickly fell in with Silantius and the Church of the Water Tsar. Nastya hated the cult, and frequently renounced their religion. She also had a strong dislike for Silantius, recalling how he once found her flashlight and smashed it in anger, due to his technophobia.

Nastya is a girl who is captivated by the world around her and always eager to learn more. Used to the horrors of the world she lives in, she still finds it fascinating and wonders at its beauty, going as far as to find the flying mutants called Demons ‘majestic and beautiful’.