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I made quite a lot of noise pushing through the marshes. If there really are our people in the Church, I will soon meet them.

— Level description

Nightfall is the eigthteenth level in Metro: Last Light.

Diary EntriesEdit

25. As soon as you get off the raft there will be a two story broken building in front of you, the note is on the second floor in the far left corner.

Moral PointsEdit


  • Just before Artyom meets his friends at the church, at the top of the escalators on the second floor of the destroyed mall. You encounter the mall after being chased by the Bog Shrimp. (ALL stashes/autosave locations prior to ascending the escalators must be visited for this point to trigger)


  • There is an easter egg on this level. The name of the shopping center is "ROISSYA VPERDE". Roissya vperde (Роисся вперде instead of Россия вперед [Russia forward]) is a Runet meme that roughly translates as "to swarm in an ass". Being a corruption of a phrase meant to express support for Russia, it is generally used to express discontent with Russia.
  • There is a deactivated fusebox in the most left room in the broken building with a tripwire trap, activating this fusebox will activate two searchlights, this in turn will draw the attention of a couple of watchmen.
  • Several man-made traps are found throughout the level.
  • This is the level that you will find your first Night Vision Goggles.
  • There are creepy and mysterious whispers in the ruined building with Night Vision Goggles.
  • Every now and then a loud screaming sound can be heard coming from one of the ruined apartments in the distance, outside of the level's boundaries.
  • Be careful while you are being chased by the Bog Shrimp, there are several points that Artyom can fall into the water and die.


MLL Equipped Ach Equipped Bronze Trophy - 20 Game points
Find all Equipment Stashes in the swamps


  • There is a rare glitch that can occur in front of the church where you simply fall through the ground and never land.
  • There is a rare glitch upon arriving at the boss battle area of the level. The Bog Shrimp may not spawn in a cutscene so you cannot fight it. This means you can only run around the boss battle area in front of the church unable to complete the level. Luckily, the game autosaves right before the boss battle, thus you can reload to it.
  • There is a uncommon glitch that can occur after defeating the bog Shrimp where a ranger cannot follow it's script properly, preventing him from helping Artyom cross the water. This glitch is especially painful as the game will autosave after the fight, if the glitch occurs. You will need to restart the entire chapter again. (Confirmed only for Redux)

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