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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

Notebook is a diary entry that can be collected in Metro Exodus.


The Dead City: Soon after you leave the safe-room, you will have to climb some wooden stairs and then go through a train. The notebook will be on the first seat to your right.


12 Feb

Second team has confirmed that the main warehouse is empty... Containers at the cargo yard are full of empty boxes. We have a 1 month reserve of radioprotector. Time to cut down the supply. Send a team to investigate the main building.

20 Feb

The team is back from the main building. 70% losses, acceptable. Ground floor storage has around half a year worth of radioprotector at present consumption level. Pu the "Tactics" plan up for discussion at the next Committee meeting.

2 Mar

"Tactics" plan has been approved by the Committee, Maintenance dept. - in charge of transportation, Special dept. will handle the track clearing operation. All Surface Operations reserves are to be transferred to the Special dept., losses to be replaced by penitentiary contingent.

18 Mar

Track clearing operation commencing, Maint. dept. reports a week behind the schedule due to insufficient supply of filters and losses above expected levels. Extra attention to Maint.

27 Mar

Spec. dept to allocate two companies for guarding the Clearance teams - reserves depleted, work is only 30% complete.

11 Apr

Riot quelled. Track 35% cleared, additional security paying off, losses stabilizing at replenishable levels.

17 Apr

Mass riots on multiple stations - Spec. dept. unable to respond in sufficient force, with track clearing security occupying too many of their assets. 50% done, progressing as per schedule now, Maint. dept head up for commendation.

2 May

Riots on dirty stations - tunnels in lockdown, barricades at key intersections, situations stable. Clean station population under 50 to be conscripted into the Spec. dept.

19 May

Breakthrough in the center, armored railcars lost. Situation critical.

20 May

Lieut.-col. Khlebnikov's team has localized the breakthrough, tunnel demolished, rioters stopped before Sibirskaya st., track clearing resumed, 70% complete. All available Spec. dept. units assigned to operation's security.

5 Jun

Sibirskaya station lost, Lieut.-col. Khlebnikov ordered bring the station under control at any cost.

7 Jun

Khlebnikov's operation a resounding success, rioters on Sibirskaya wiped out, Khlebnikov promoted to the rank of Colonel. Track clearing 90% complete. Ahead of schedule, all reserves topside.

20 Jun

Track clearing 100% complete. Transportation 90% operational, supply department quotes a range of 1400 km, basing on the available satellite recon data, this should be enough to get to Baikal through clean areas with 300 km to spare.

28 Jun

The engine burnt by the rioters, plan - ?

17 Jul

Spec. dept. forces on the Surface cut off, all reserves assembled at HQ.

2 Aug

This is it... I think, this is only fair...