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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game. The subject of this article appears in The Two Colonels DLC for Metro Exodus.

The Novosibirsk Satellite Communications Centre, simply called the "Sat-Com Center"[Notes 1] in-game, is a key location in the final part of Metro Exodus and its first DLC The Two Colonels.


The location was a satellite communications centre within the city of Novosibirsk. After the city was struck by a cobalt bomb during World War III, the centre remained in service long enough for radiation maps of the surrounding areas to be produced, but was eventually abandoned due to damage caused to the base nuclear reactor. The damaged reactor released enough radiation that even in a city as heavily irradiated as Novosibirsk, stalkers called the location "the egg boiler".[1] Eventually, because of the damaged reactor the facility would be caught in an automatic power failure feedback loop. The automatic safety protocols of the reactor would cause it to shut down and attempt to switch to the reserve power system, but due to exhaustion or damage to the reserve power system, the centre would automatically attempt to start the main power system back up, before repeating the process. This lead to superstitions that the souls of the dead were still manning the controls, messing with them to keep out trespassers.[2] Between these superstitions, the flaky power system, and the extreme radiation, OSKOM's stalkers steered clear of the facility if they could help it.

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In Metro Exodus[]

The satellite communications centre is mentioned briefly when Artyom and Miller split up, with Miller and Kirill going to investigate the "Sat-Com Center" to retrieve radiation maps of the surrounding area while Artyom went to retrieve Renergan-F to treat Anna's failing lungs. Miller successfully retrieves satellite maps of Lake Baikal and finds Artyom after he escaped from the blind ones in the Novosibirsk Institute.

In The Two Colonels[]

The facility is initially mentioned by General Vinogradov to Colonel Khlebnikov in an order to send a stalker team down to try and find radiation maps for the evacuation of the Novosibirsk Metro. Due to extreme radiation and the poor state of the archive room, the stalker team was unable to bring back complete maps of the surface, including Lake Baikal, leading to frustration among OSKOM command.

The centre is later visited by Khlebnikov, trying to find a radiation map so he and his son Kirill could safely leave Novosibirsk, which was effectively abandoned after the Novosibirsk Riots had wiped out both OSKOM and the rioters. Upon arrival, he heads through the facility's motor pool on his way into the main offices of the centre, fighting off nosalises and blind ones. He is heavily injured during a fight with a blind one, losing his flamethrower and falling down an elevator shaft, but finds the archive rooms in the process. Locating a set of maps in the hands of a dead stalker, Khlebnikov fails to fully escape from the archive rooms which the blind ones had made their nest. His body is later found in the bunker by Colonel Miller.

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Related Achievements/Trophies[]

ME Achievement Dodge Master Icon.png Dodge Master Bronze Trophy Icon.png / 20 Game points.png
Dodge all of the Blind One's throwing attacks in THE TWO COLONELS Chapter.

ME Achievement Mind You Its Quite Heavy Icon.png Mind You, It's Quite Heavy! Bronze Trophy Icon.png / 15 Game points.png
Kill 3 Nosalises with flamethrower's melee attack in THE TWO COLONELS Chapter.


  1. The game's English localisation uses American English spelling standards, while the Metro wiki uses British English spelling standards.