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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

Old World Pictures is an achievement in Metro Exodus.


The achievement is obtained for finding all 21 postcards, scattered around the post-apocalyptic world. Collected postcards are displayed on a wall above Artyom's bed in Aurora's passenger carriage.

This is one of the hardest achievements to obtain, as postcards are fairly easy to miss and the open world sections of the game are quite large, so the search for postcards can take many hours, if not tens of hours. The video tutorial below can help the player with the search, but only using it as a last resort is recommended.


  • The background for this achievement shows Artyom looking at his collection of postcards hanging on the wall. However, only 20 postcards are included in the picture, suggesting there is still one left for Artyom to find.

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